Sailing Activities

Snorkel: we have on board snorkeling gear for up to 10 people, besides flashlights for night snorkeling. We offer our experience to teach new people (children and adults) this wonderful activity.

Scuba: equipment for 3 people is available. We offer the option of night dives. We also offer our experience to teach new people this activity.

Kayaking: 2 double kayaks are available, one of which has the capacity to carry diving gear.

Sailing: for those interested in learning and practicing the skill of sailing, the experienced captain Daniel Ayora will be available as a your teacher, from basic to advanced levels, while cruising during a trip. As well we can offer private lessons for those interested in the finer details of seamanship.

Fishing: We have on board two fishing rods for use during Naylamp navigation, plus a smaller one for fishing near the reefs when using the zodiac. Also we have a wide variety of lures to pursue all the local species of edible fish.

Trekking: As an option to the watersports, we invite you to join us and visit one of the many small paths we know around the area. We know and enjoy sharing with our guest the knowledge we have of these natural places. Binoculars, walky-talkies, etc, are available for your use. Boots and long pants are recommended.

Snuba: different than scuba diving, all the heavy gear is carried in a kayak. A hose connects you to the tank above, allowing you to descent up to 35 feet. We have gear for 6 people.

Surfing: we can arrange special trips for surfers; carrying your own equipment on board and have accommodation, food, and transportation to the surf spots.

Visit indigenous villages: we interact with the indigenous communities of the area. We understand and respect their traditions, customs and lifestyle.