Route 3: 4 - 5 Days Route Tour

As well as the locations visited in the 2-3 Days Route, we will sail to Punta Vieja on the southeast side of Bastimentos. Here we will have a BBQ on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bocas archipelago where you can go kayaking through a mangrove canopy canal until reaching the indigenous community of Salt Creek. Here we can take a guided tour through the community for $2 per person. At night we will feed a family of monkeys that come down from the forest to the beach. As we wait for the monkeys we will enjoy tropical fresh cold cocktails and admire the bio luminescence – a plankton that lights up the beaches, something that can be better appreciated with little moon light.

The next day we sail to Cayos Zapatillas, part of the Bastimentos National Marine Park. *entrance is $10 per person. Here there are beautiful trails, spectacular beaches and great reef for snorkeling.