Route 5: 6 - 7 Days Route Tour

(Only available September – October or when weather permits)

This trip is made for people whose primary interest is to know Escudo de Veraguas Island; included in this trip to Escudo, we will also tour around the archipelago to show you the highlights in Bocas del Toro.

Departure from Colon Island, bound for Bluefield, next we sail to Escudo de Veraguas (10 miles off the coast), an exotic getaway where you can forget about the world. Return via Tobobe Bay, a remote place inhabited only by Ngobe-Bugle indigenous people. Finally we stop in Zapatilla Cays on our way back to Colon Island.

Note: All the trips include all comidas y bebidas (water, sodas, beer, wine, rum) plus snorkeling gear, fishing gear, two kayaks (one double, one triple). For use of diving equipment there is an extra charge.