Boat, Kayaks & SUP Rentals

All boat rentals includes: Oars, life jacket, cooler with ice & water, cellphone for emergency calls only.

Dingy 9.9HP 11ft
Inflatable max 4p
$80 day

Dingy 30HP 12ft
Inflatable max 6p
$120 day

Naylamp Trimaran 10p
$500 day
P. extra $50

Hobie Cat 18ft
Max 3p
$80 day

Randall 5HP 10ft
Inflatable max 3p
$60 day

Popeye 3.5HP 9ft
Fiberglass max 2p
$40 day

Sailboat 24ft
Max 4 Persons
$140 day
Fishing rods start $10 a day

Shirlee 40HP 20ft
With roof max 6p
$140 day