Route 1: Dolphin Bay Tour

Naylamp departs from Isla Colon, en-route to Dolphin Bay, where you will observe dolphins in their natural environment. Generally we will navigate only using the spinnaker if there is enough wind, where will enter Dolphin Bay through a maze of mangroves. Here you can see birds and stingrays. Entering Dolphin Bay we will observe them only using wind and from a safe distance not to bother them.

From here we go to a secret island with the best snorkeling in Bocas del Toro with a huge amount of large colorful reef teeming with life.

At this island we will also eat lunch under an open sky. After lunch we take a fast dive into the water and head off to Isla Solarte while trolling for fish. From isla Colon we will head to isla Carenero and finally back to isla Colon while enjoying delicious beverages and fresh fruit.